11KV Switchgear type MV12 | 11KV SF6 R.M.U type SABRE | Package substation (500,1000 KVA) | 400 Amp Ring pillar, 6ways | 800 Amp Single incomer cabinet | 1600 Amp Single incomer cabinet | Different capacities of MCCBS with encloser | Sheet lighting boxes of 100Amp, 160Amp, 200Amp capacity | 80 Amp twin pillar

With the introduction of Law No.5 (1997), the door was opened for the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) and Medelec, to form a joint venture company for the manufacture of low and medium voltage equipment.

GECOL and Medelec have been long standing business partners since the late 70's. Medelic itself is a joint venture company between Libyan shareholding, the Maltese Government and AREVA